Social Media & SEO

I recently read an article on Social Media Today titled How Does Social Media Impact Your SEO Efforts?  In the online marketing realm, it feels like the answer to this question is constantly changing. Google continuously updates their algorithm. I’m not sure they even know how they rank sites now (just kidding, Google!). When I firstContinue reading “Social Media & SEO”

3 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business by Amanda Pensack

This is a great post I saw on Social Media Today that enhances understanding on Inbound Marketing.  Post by: Amanda Pensack Marketing Director, ECM Solutions@roxydigital Posted on October 27th 2014 “Think back to the last time you were driving on a highway and saw a massive billboard with a slogan, company logo or even a call toContinue reading “3 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business by Amanda Pensack”

Content Marketing- Why do it? How?

Content Marketing…  Do you know what it is? Practice it? If content marketing is new to you, it’s time to jump on board. It’s an effective way to connect with your target market whether you’re a B2C or B2B. Below are a list of content marketing positives written by Paul Pruneau President, Teamworks Communications, Inc..  Permanency UnlikeContinue reading “Content Marketing- Why do it? How?”