Cookin’ For College, What Launched My PR Career

First, watch this: Now, in 2010, my husband and I started a journey that we called Cookin’ For College, an online cooking show that featured easy and budget-friendly recipes. Arthur was the host. I was the camera/editing crew, website developer, content creator, director and PR manager. College newspapers across the country featured articles on Cookin’Continue reading “Cookin’ For College, What Launched My PR Career”

How PR Can Take On The Negative Views Of Horse Carriages

Recently there have been several incidents that brought horse-drawn carriages into the media. Most recently in Charleston, a woman dressed up in an inflatable t-rex costume and deliberately tried to “spook” the horses, hoping to draw attention to the negative outcome she expected would occur. It would seem that she stuck around and growled atContinue reading “How PR Can Take On The Negative Views Of Horse Carriages”

Social Media & SEO

I recently read an article on Social Media Today titled How Does Social Media Impact Your SEO Efforts?  In the online marketing realm, it feels like the answer to this question is constantly changing. Google continuously updates their algorithm. I’m not sure they even know how they rank sites now (just kidding, Google!). When I firstContinue reading “Social Media & SEO”

Welcome to MY Instagram

Let me first start this post by asking you to follow me on Instagram! >>> When you’re a social media marketer, you’re constantly and obsessively on your clients’ accounts. You’re the voice behind their brand. My favorite part of this is that I get to give the brand their signature attitude. I get to helpContinue reading “Welcome to MY Instagram”