5 Ideas for Posting on Facebook


Most of my blog topics come from questions posed to me during meetings with potential or existing clients. The latest question

“How do I know what to post on Facebook?” 

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as “anything you want,” but it’s pretty close. If you’ve made it this far on my site, you’ve seen the words branding, awareness and relationship building. All three of these come to play in the creation process of your posts.

Post things that represent your brand’s voice. Build awareness around a cause you are promoting (ex. breast cancer awareness) or a new product/service you’re really excited about. Social media is not all about you you you. It’s about connecting with people. Post things of value to them. Post answers to questions you receive often. Post daily inspirations or pictures. Be interesting, informative and entertaining.

Here is a small list of ideas to help you get started.

1. Images

Images gain the most recognition on Facebook. You can post pictures of one of your daily activities that keeps the business going. A picture of one of your regular customers visiting. Pictures of different products (prices are normally appreciated). Pictures of a beautiful day. Really anything that is relevant and appropriate. Images are appreciated by your followers because they have visual value.

2. Links

I’m sure you’ve spent a ton of time on your website. Post links to certain areas of your site that your followers may be interested in. You can even post links from other sites that pertain to your subject. There are thousands of blogs out there with great content just waiting to be shared.

3. Ask a Question

Start engaging with your followers through conversations. Make sure the question is appropriate and relevant.

4. Share a Story

Did you have an exceptional experience with a customer today? Have you told your, “funny story, this is how I started this business” story yet? Your followers want to know more about you which is why they like your page. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself every once in a while, not to the extent of boredom, but be personable. Thank the customer that was kind today. Give a shout out to someone who passed along your brand name to their friend. (Avoid negativity!)

5. Engage with your Community

Did your waiter/waitress at the local cafe make an impression this morning? Are you partnering with another business for a cause? Share others’ content. Tag (mention) them in posts you write. There’s a whole community surrounding you whether it’s local or industry-related.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Posting on Facebook is like having a conversation. Keep it appropriate, consistent with who you are as a brand, helpful and positive. After awhile, you’ll see what works and doesn’t work.