What does St. Patrick’s Day mean for Savannah businesses?

St. Patrick's Day

My first two years of high school my mother forced me to be in the chorus. I was not happy to oblige in the beginning, but after the Christmas season was over, so began St. Patrick’s Day’s songs practice- my favorite. You see, in Savannah St. Patrick’s Day is the equivalent to Christmas.

All of Savannah flocks downtown on March the 17th to celebrate the only way we know how. We bring the young and old, baskets of treats and over-flowing coolers and most importantly, our Irish pride. You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate. It’s a come one come all affair.

What does St. Patrick’s Day mean for Savannah businesses? 

Jump on board! Get your business involved with the holiday.


Show your customers your Patty’s Day support! Trust me, they’ll appreciate it. The few that don’t, well they’re just grinches trying to steal our shamrock spirit.

Host a St. Patrick’s Day Themed Contest or Give-Away

You hosted a Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July contest/give-away (or you should of), why wouldn’t you host a St. Patrick’s Day themed one!

Get Involved

Savannah literally lights up in green for half of March. Join the community St. Pat’s activities. There’s the greening of the fountain (Forsyth Fountain), the Shamrock Run- you name it, we got it!

Prepare Yourself.
This may be a bumpy ride.

Hundreds of thousands of people pioneer to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day. Great news for your business especially if you’re in downtown, right!? Make sure it is. Prepare for a crowd by rearranging if need be or sprucing up areas you’ve been avoiding. City-visitors and parade-goers have a tendency to get a little rowdy. Mentally prepare yourself for a situation that you may need to handle. Thinking ahead could head off a potential disaster…

Have fun! 

Don’t shove your business down people’s throats that week (or really any week for that matter). Be mindful that our entire city is preparing for St. Patrick’s Day, and for what? To celebrate the annual fun! Let your business join in. The results will play themselves out.

Here’s the site for all your St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah needs – http://savannahsaintpatricksday.com

And, as a tribute to my two years in St. Vincent’s Academy’s chorus, I give you the lyrics to the St. Patrick’s Day song:

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah,

All the boys are on parade.

Sure the folks down here never miss a year

May their valor never fade.


It’s a wonderful city in Georgia

Where on March the seventeen

Every mother’s son and daughter

Will be wearing of the green.


There’ll be bands that’s military

And the school band’s harmony,

Sure they’ll play “ole Tipperary,”

And “The Lakes of Killarney.”


Then it’s hats off to dear old Savannah,

It’s the Ireland of this land,

That has kept the fame of St. Patrick’s name

Buried deeply in the sand.


From old Frogtown to the Old Fort

And don’t forget old Yamacraw,

They have always sung the praises

Of Erin Go Bragh!