When Launching a Company, Consider These 5 Things | Entrepreneur.com

When Launching a Company, Consider These 5 Things | Entrepreneur.com.

Entrepreneur.com has a massive content library that causes me to really think about my business and its direction. Entrepreneur.com is one of my inspiration sites. Like you, I also am a small business owner, so what do you think about these 5 things to consider?

1. Be passionate about what you do. 

It’s a simple question. Are you or are you not passionate about your start-up? One of the worst things you can do in business is get into a get-rich-quick scheme. First of all, it all takes time and effort. I’m sure you know the Steve Jobs story. Second of all, why would you get into something where you will spend a considerable amount of time if you’re not passionate about it?

It’s best to assume that business owners are passionate about their businesses.

2. Think big. 

BIG. How do you think big? You have an idea. You’ve started a business based on that idea. And then…. it could either take off quicker than you can keep up or you can have a lull… All businesses have their up’s and down’s, but there may be a time where you need to re-evaluate your direction. You have to make your business EPIC. Make it memorable. Think BIG.

3. Listen, but don’t obey. 

How many people told you you couldn’t make it? How many said that you’d lost your mind wanting to start a business? You did it anyway. Why would you start obeying what other people said now? It is imperative that you listen to your customers. After all, you’re in business for them in the end. But… you don’t always have to obey everything they say.

4. Done is better than perfect. 

I struggle with this one… I swear Entrepreneur.com writes articles with me in mind. You (I) can’t be perfect. It’s impossible. You can close. I strive to be close to perfect, but mistakes inadvertently happen. Set your business goals. Adapt your products/services and marketing strategies with them in mind. Realize that you will not perfectly reach every goal you set. You may complete some. Other’s may be an ongoing process. At least you have a direction.

5. Choose the right partners and mentors. 

You know the saying, “why re-invent the wheel?” It applies here. There are a million and one resources for you no matter what industry you are in. Utilize them. There’s no shame in reading to learn more or asking for advice. You’re not the only business owner out there. Someone you know might have experienced certain situations before you. Why not ask them how they handled them? (I’m currently doing this with business taxes… ugh.)

Overall, this article was a great reminder of some key points. Stay focused y’all. Owning a business is a continuous learning process or so it seems.