The only 6 Facebook Page statistics you need to worry about

The only 6 Facebook Page statistics you need to worry about.

Just yesterday, I was creating Facebook ads for myself and for a client, and I was somewhat frustrated and confused by the process. I did not study advertising. I’m by no means an expert on it, but due to Facebook’s December changes to their algorithm, Facebook ads now appear to be a necessary evil. So, here I am relying on it to further my reach.

I stumbled upon this great article on measuring your Facebook Page statistics and wanted to post it for all of you. Your business most likely has a Facebook Business Page by now, I hope. It is safe to assume that not every small business owner is an advertising genius, so I hope that this article helps you.

It has certainly helped me as I provide monthly assessments to each of my clients. Now, I’ll be able to confidently explain their statistics and see the pros and cons of our campaigns.

Good luck!