Initial Inspiration


"If we wait until we are ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives."

As you know- when you step out to start your own business, it’s pretty scary. Here you are putting your income into your own hands as well as other’s. Eeps!

Well throughout my whole first step, I have been rapidly searching through blog after blog site after site craving for the trusted group of people who will inspire me and my business, those that will continue to do so through the good times and the bad….

Social Mouths– Social Mouths targets the entrepreneur and has fantastic tips on email marketing and the latest social media trend or development. 

Inc.– Inc. is also a resource for entrepreneurs that I enjoy. There are different categories of information to meet whatever stage you are in.

Mashable– Mashable is a pretty big site, but what I enjoy about it is that it spins social media news and other information into corky, entertaining articles.

I’ve also discovered another site that I instantly fell in love with.

PicMonkey– PicMonkey is a free online photo editing site. I’ve used it from anything from creating a custom Facebook cover design to flyers or signs. I love it. The only cons are that not all the features are free, and I have yet to find how to save a working document meaning that once you’ve saved it and closed out of the window, there’s absolutely no way to edit it again.

I’m sure my inspiration list will continue to grow, but for now, these are keeping me busy!